Why has interest in edge computing become so widespread?

The “edge” is becoming increasingly intelligent, opening up a whole new world of opportunities and disrupting edge to cloud architecture as we know it. 

Evolution of the Intelligent Industrial Edge


Get examples of the typical software workloads run by industrial edge computing.

What is the industrial edge?

What's inside?

This report goes beyond the hype and explores how edge computing has major implications for industrial companies.

Get to know the basics, from the types of edge computing resources to the key characteristics of intelligence.

Take a deep dive into two implementations of the industrial edge with case studies from 2020.

Get ahead, take a look at the forecast for the intelligent industrial edge computing market in the next five years.

Understand the driving force behind the move to edge computing and the value-creating use cases associated with the edge

7 key characteristics of intelligent Edge Computing

What is Edge intelligence all about?

Read this analyst report to get a comprehensive view on all things Edge Computing.


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About the author

Matthew Wopata
Principal Analyst at IoT Analytics

Matthew Wopata is a principal analyst covering Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0. He has 10+ years of IIoT / I4.0 experience including prior roles in product management, systems integration and strategy. Matthew was the lead author of IoT Analytics’ Industrial Edge Computing Market Report, published in October 2020.

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Edge Computing market overview

A look at the intelligent industrial edge computing market segments and a forecast to 2025

Standout edge case studies from 2020

Take a deep dive into two edge computing case studies from 2020

The hype about edge computing is warranted because the replacement of ‘dumb’ edge computing with intelligent edge computing has major implications for companies.”

In some instances, it has been reported that the recent switch from “dumb” to modern intelligent edge computing architectures has resulted in 92% industrial automation cost savings.

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